How to Build a WiFi Drone Jammer to Block Tello Drones

Build a Drone WiFi Jammer Using KALI with High Gain Wireless USB Adapter, Block the Tello Drone as a test.

Try a virtual machines(vmware) through computers to run KALI Linux;

Also you need a High Gain Wireless USB Adapter for WiFi drone jamming, which is capable of operating in monitor mode and can do packet injection.


Enable monitor mode on the WiFi interface After install the Wireless USB Adapter.

First of all, list the available wireless interfaces by running airmon-ng, your wireless interface is wlan0 which is the additional adapter:

Enable monitor mode to run code: airmon-ng start wlan0

Determine the drone MAC address and CH Channel:

Target Drone accesspoint with ESSID “TELLO”
MAC address(BSSID): 60:60:1F:AB:6F:19
CH operating on(A WiFi channel is a small band within a larger frequency band, which is a certain radio wave frequency range that your router uses to transmit wireless signal): 7
We will need to send our packtets to later on to above

Enter mdk3 wlan0mon d-c 7 at the command terminal. This code means to launch a network outage attack on all Wi-Fi with channel 7 which is used by TELLO drone.

Disconnecting between the mobile phone and drone, signals missed

Less hardware requirements and less cost

1. High requirement of computer technology and strong hands-on ability
2. Short shielding distance, only 2-3 meters in indoor range
3. Can only block WIFI signal, can not block GPS signal and remote control signal, but usually drones will use WIFI, GPS and REMOTE signals to communicate with the owner phone app

This METHOD is suitable for WIFI BLOCKING of most DRONES, not just TELLO brand drones!

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