Anti Drone Jammer App Review

Can mobile APPS block drones? Let us test whether these free APPS are really useful.

Let us test Drone Jammer & Drone RC Prank First(Prank? Is it true or false?).

How To Use Drone Jammer & Drone Controller Prank:

1- Enter The app
2- Start scanning to detect drones nearby
3- Select a drone
4- Connect to drone
5- Choose a drone Radio Frequency
6- Point your device to drone start sending frequencies
7- Wait for Drone Remote Controller to show
8- Control and take down drones for FUN
5- Start controlling all flying drones

Download address of the APP for Android phones:
Sorry, Apple mobile phone cannot be installed to run this Drone Jammer App, why? Android development cost is lower than Apple?

Here are some screenshots of the test:


2. Choose Radio Frequency: 1.5GHz  2.4GHz 5.8 GHz

3. Sending Radio Frequencies

4. Simulate intercepting the background interface

AppZeeInc(Drone Jammer & Drone RC Prank developer) is a software developer very famous for its latest apps. In this list we have 7 apps to download instantly.
AppZeeInc makes Entertainment software, Tools for Android.

REMEMBER that Drone Jammer & Drone Remote Controller is a prank app it’s not real Drone Controller it is only fun app for drone lovers.


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