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Is it possible to jam a drone signal?

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As drones fly up in the air unmanned, one question often pops in people’s minds – to what extent can these technological devices film? The more technology advances, it continues being a problem with no more than a few solutions.

However, there are ways to somehow alleviate your worries about someone spying on you. Thanks to the invention called drone jammer, you can finally have a device that enables you to block signals, stopping drones from working properly.

There are different types of drone jammers, and the most known is the signal jammer that is used on cell phones. A cell jammer works by suspending the signals that work their way towards the tower where they come from. It is similar to the feeling of getting that “no signal” notification on your phone that comes along with a white noise that is often heard on radio stations.

As the jammer hits, the signals clash against each other, which confuses them both, resulting in the loss of signal. This is often used together with cell detectors, since these can detect other phones nearby.

For convenience purposes, drone jammers are similar to phone blockers. Drones run on GPS through signal power and radio frequency signals. With no password protection nor encryption, drones can be vulnerable since the jammers can take it down in an instant. 

There is also a thing called signal spoofing in which soldiers, together with some organizations, use drone jammers to somehow deter the signals used against things without consent that are done against us. Drone jammers are there to block the signals nearest to us as it was aimed, and then automatically put down the opposing drone to make it impossible to spectate on you and your family.

No doubt, drones can be totally helpful. From aesthetics to military use, it can serve its purpose. Unfortunately, some people use it to invade privacy, which becomes scary. How can something that is meant to be helpful become the root of illegality?

The sad thing is that even if its purpose is always to do good, once it has been given to the wrong pair of hands, then it can be uncontrollable. That is one of the reasons why drone jammers are invented – to stop spying on you, your car, or anything personal to you without your consent. Whoever these people who attempt unauthorized tracking on you should be stopped, and this is the right device to do so.

Since drones are known to be quiet, they can easily slip, and once you let your guard down, you can be a victim in an instant. With how far a drone is able to go, you might never know who the person behind it is, and as sad as it may be, they can take photos and videos of you without authorization. There is even a tendency that you cannot know what kind of media they took, and they have everything that can be used against you.

When done over and over again, this spying might lead to a more serious problem. Once they have observed you throughout, even without having to go near you, they can know your routines, allowing more room for mishaps on your end. One crime that this can result in is robbery. However, with the help of a jammer, you are safe within your vicinity because you are always prepared.

The root of the problem will always be the person behind the drone, or what is usually referred to as the pilot. They do not have training nor license to operate on drones, which makes it even more terrifying, considering that their device might crash, and become a cause of another problem as it can damage your house, car, landscaping, or anything within the proximity. As it can run up to 35 miles in an hour, it can even lead to serious injuries when inflicted on people.

With the flexibility that comes along with the drone, privacy and safety will be at risk once used in the wrong way. An incident in Gatwick Airport occured in where there was a regulation about not allowing drones to fly from a safe distance of at least one kilometer from the airport, yet they were still able to see some.

The fact that they continue to fly it despite being told not to speak volumes. Airport employees mentioned that they do not, and will never know who the pilots are nor their intentions of disobeying the rule. To ensure the safety and wellbeing of the passengers, they closed the airport.

Even military airbases and airports ban drones from flying there due to the threat it imposes. Unmanned air vehicles (UAVs) are not allowed from American airbases and airports, and to help with the restrictions, drone jammers shall be used.

Once you have decided the extent of security that a drone jammer can provide, there are factors to consider before purchasing one. Some of those are the distance that the signal can go to and the strengths needed for whichever purpose serves you. There are a few instances in which it is best to have two or more jammers just to ensure utmost protection in your entire property.

What you must do is read every detail about a drone jammer before purchasing one. Make sure to pay attention to how far the signal reaches, and what purpose it can be used for. Its retail price should also be considered, especially on the model that you are wanting to buy, as well as the quantity you prefer.