Firing a Drone Jammer

Drone jammers’ importance for illegal drones is self-evident. In the meanwhile, everyone knows that black drone theft is a routine occurrence. It’s small enough for spying eyes, big enough to steal state and military secrets, and small enough to fall and injure people. As a result of the rush of travelers, the airport may be forced to close. Aircraft delays and stranded passengers have had serious consequences; as a result, national laws have improved over time, and legal documents have been issued one by one to strengthen the control and registration of real-name drones; we are not discussing politics here, but rather drone defense and countermeasures analysis.

This kind of gun firing appears to be more fun; it can be controlled as well as destroyed; the damage rating is five stars; nevertheless, there is one drawback: the shooter must shoot accurately; even if you are not shy, you must locate the right time. After you’ve laid it down, you shouldn’t damage anyone. It’s vital to turn off the phone. You must also remember the hit’s location. Once it has fallen, you must locate it. It’s inconvenient, but how many people really require it?

UAV wifi jammers have also become commonplace. Blocking the drone’s remote control signal with a high-power transmission will cause the drone to lose control. Drones can usually be shot down directly, and intelligent drones can also be unmanned. To prevent drones from returning home, airborne interference will interfere with GPS and Beidou signals.

Drone interference can take two forms:

1)For the portable drone jammer, human study is essential, and it turns out that manual intervention of the portable UAV GPS jammer can provide the control effect. Typically, the control distance is roughly 2 kilometers.

2)The base station type UAV jammer is primarily intended for a larger control area, preventing UAVs from entering the control area and therefore significantly reducing security concerns; it can be used without a big number of personnel; distance: 6-8 kilometers Can.

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