Can you shoot down a drone with a BB gun?

A BB gun is an air gun that fires metallic spherical projectiles known as BBs (not to be confused with similar-looking bearing balls), which are about the same size as shotgun BB-size lead birdshot, which is around 0.180 in or 4.6 mm in diameter. These BB guns are made for practice shooting, and to improve aiming to target as well.

As drones fly in the air unmanned, the risk of shooting it down increases. However, not everyone is capable of purchasing a drone jammer, which makes them interested in the question if a BB gun is enough to take a drone down.

Sure, BB guns may be affordable, easy to handle, and quick to operate, but drones are another thing of its own. As drones continue roaming around the air, the chances of aiming on it properly goes into a slim chance. These guns are also equipped with other ammunition, which was said to be an object that looks like a pellet, but with a spherical shape. Shooting a drone is nearly an impossible task, especially with how high it can fly. Trying to catch one will be tricky, since it has to be done upwards in order to be done properly.

It was said that BB guns are enough to penetrate the skin and fracture a bone. However, air guns are still too weak to take down a drone completely. Drones can easily topple and lose their orientation once it is hit, but the most difficult part of trying to shoot it is the actual aiming. Drones are so fundamentally weak but so difficult to strike that you want to increase your chances of actually contacting one instead, to the point where stopping power should be the last thing on your mind.

Drones for consumers aren’t built with a lot of resilience in mind. To maintain controlled flight, a quad must use all of its rotors. Yes, software that can dynamically redirect power to help a damaged quad hobble to safety exists, but you won’t find it, at least not yet, in whatever ends up on the wrong end of your barrel. When you consider that most consumer quadcopter frames are meant to be lightweight and tiny, it’s easy to understand how a direct strike on anything other than the landing gear may be disastrous. Shooting a drone is a bad idea, purchase drone jammers instead.

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